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Chapter 6: 30 Minutes With Sophia Dawn
by Daniel Roshan Cafe, Uploaded on Wednesday
Tags: business, SMEs, entrepreneur, investment, working capital, assets

Even your business needs to adapt to the fast-paced world, especially now that technology allows us, owners, to do so. Our small-to-medium entrepreneurs are starting to get sick of the cascaded routinary information about marketing strategies. We need something fresh yet intelligible and practical. Join me as I give insights on how you can work on your capital, maximize your assets, minimize costs, and get the return-on-investment you’ve been waiting to get all along.

Work Smart For Your DIY Home Renovation
by Daniel Roshan Cafe, Uploaded on Wednesday
Tags: home, DIY, renovation, earnings, assets, family

Home improvement should not just be on reality TV or magazines; it should also be in our real lives. Even when expenses get higher each time, ways to get that dream remodeling are still ever-present with imagination and smart, hard work. Join Maggie as she tells you how to earn extra for a Home Sweeter Home.

Work at Home From 5-9 with Shawnee B
by Daniel Roshan Cafe, Uploaded on Tuesday
Tags: business, SMEs, entrepreneur, investment, online marketing, assets

When people say they want to turn the world around and leave their usual 9-5 jobs, Shawnee takes it seriously by creating a podcast on how we can earn at home after the regular work hours.

The Global House with Mila
by Daniel Roshan Cafe, Uploaded on Monday
Tags: business, investments, assets, housing, real estate, international market

Listen to Mila every Monday as she talks about the past, present, and future of the global housing industry. Find out where to invest on real estate properties here and abroad.