The Do’s and Don’ts on How to Handle Rogue Tradespeople

The fact that more people are starting to lose trust on merchants and contractors whom we haven’t hired yet is alarming. While I was hoping that it was just a miss on my observations, recent market studies confirm so.

Based on current polls, three out of four homeowners are scared to hire new contractors, with almost half of the participants revealing they’ve had previous negative experiences.

While it would be almost worry-free if we can DIY anything, there are just things when we needed experts. Hence, to ease up your search for your Next Best Contractor, here are my tips.



Nothing can remove worries better than your friends and family informing you who to hire or not to hire. If they have received excellent service in the past, that contractor is more likely to give the same level when requested for service.

Quote and Quote


Before hiring any tradesperson for a job, request quotations first for what you need and when you need them done. Ask around and get 2-3 quotes from different contractors to see which one offers the most reasonable price.



* Request or print a contract before allowing the contractor to start any jobs. Give him time to understand and sign before anything else. Check the current allowable VAT to see if your worker charges the correct rate. Watch out for any tell-tale signs of a rogue tradesperson. Read below.



* Don’t give in to either small initial quotes that may excessively increase later, or seemingly reasonable estimates that your contractor won’t put into writing. Also, don’t get too excited to have someone work on your project. Request for references first. If the other party declines, beware.

Remember, you have to be careful on choosing a contractor to handle your projects. While this may consume time, it can save you a lot of resources.