Time can take away the ‘sweet’ in Home Sweet Home. After a few years and dozen trends, our houses, big or small, need some retouch. While a home remodeling project requires some portion of your paycheck, it doesn’t have to be unsustainable.

Here are some DIY tricks you should know before you blow up expenses.

1. Optimize, Not Maximize


Physical expansion of your home, whether horizontal or vertical, can also add up to your expenses. Unless there’s a need for additional square footage, optimize your home’s efficiency instead. It’s always better to be highly functional with the areas of your house than creating a flat space. Add more storage to wherever possible, but don’t overdo it.

2. Go Green


If you want to save up, your imagination must work really hard. Using recyclable materials can be a viable option for you, and the environment. While I do not recommend going ‘extreme’ when recycling, such as visiting dump sites, I highly suggest repurposing your belongings. Start thinking of ways on how you can turn old things into new house ornaments.

3. Durability Can Wait


Unless your home is no longer functional or now considered an unlivable space, save up for the more durable materials. While there are cheaper options to a fresher look for your house, go for what would last. If funds are not yet available, work hard and save up for it. Avoid using your plastics to pay up for things that can wait. While it is a sound investment to renovate your home, doing away with additional debts when possible can also save you from high-interest rates.

These are just three tips on how to cut costs on your home renovation projects. Extra tip, if you’re not skilled enough for a DIY project, either practice until it’s perfect or hire someone to do the remodeling.