logoDarke Radio never rests. As an internet radio station, we allow millions of listeners to discover and listen to what they consider as valuable – music and talk, current news, business trends and affairs, home renovations and DIY projects. We offer podcast streaming on these essential contents, and of course, music to calm your brain cells after a mild case of information overload.

Hear Our Story

In the advent of internet broadcasting, Darke Radio realized the need for more sensible channels online. People needed a new option to learn about topics that would either be boring or time-consuming when simply read or researched.

Hence, we came up with a personalized Internet radio experience designed to meet people’s need for an exciting, educational medium.


We reach at least a hundred thousand unique listeners on any day and continue to grow more as we add new shows and podcasts.

Not only do our listeners like what they hear, but they also interact with us. We’ve received e-mail requests and comments on what they would like to hear next. Somehow, we feel we’ve done our job well, but there’s no stopping yet.

We are still bound to take Internet radio the Darke way.